Motto of the day Spacy:

Today is all about SpaceCamper. We got up early and are up on time at 7:30, Torgit in front of the bakery and me in front of the butcher. Because we want to be in Darmstadt, at Spacecamper, by 10:00 am. We at least want to bring breakfast with us. In the meantime, we already know one or two of the Spacecamper employees from the in-house exhibition, the Caravan in Düsseldorf and a few phone calls. As soon as we enter, we are greeted in a very informal manner. Somehow you can sense their motto throughout the entire company: "We love it". - Yes, they love it. Most of the staff drive a SpaceCamper and are camping enthusiasts.

Although we had prepared for the appointment accordingly - we had already been to VW beforehand and inspected the Caravelle intensively - the options are overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make.

Self-experience VW California:

We certainly have the huge advantage of having lived in a VW California for several weeks now. We now know what's good, but we also know what could be improved. The great thing about SpaceCamper is that you can really feel how much experience has gone into the project. There is no water head here that prevents development.

With the Bulli and California customers, VW not only has a huge fan community, but above all an uncanny customer identification and know-how. For anyone who not only drives around in their vehicle, but also sleeps, cooks, lives and works in it, the Bulli quickly becomes a home.

You may not believe it, but there are people who regularly stay in five-star hotels for work, but prefer to sleep in the parking lot at night. I used to think that was crazy. Not any more.

Bulli fan community:

What I find a pity is that the VW developers don't seem to think it's necessary to listen to their fan community. Because when I read the one or other post on the various Facebook groups on the subject of Bulli or California, I think: hey, useful suggestions are already being posted here for a T3, T4, T5, T6, but far too few are being implemented. - What a pity! So in the end, free know-how is for nothing. 

Often it is simply small things that are incomprehensible. You can find two examples of this in our next blog post. This deals with the topic of order in the VW California, as well as the VW Online Configurator.  

These are often penny articles, so it can't always be a matter of money. Spacecamper is completely different: when we sat down with Markus Liebenau, the sales manager, yesterday, he made a note of several of our suggestions, saying, "This is the second time I've heard this, I'll take it to our team meeting. We have to find a solution to this." - Not everything works at SpaceCamper either, as it is a modular and not an individual outfitter. But you can always sense that solutions are being sought here. That's fun.

Emotional sampling:

But in the end, it's also about emotional issues. In the home, these are topics such as bathrooms and kitchens. Hardly anyone really spends as much time on home technology as they do on bathroom objects, fittings and tiles. - It's the same here, in the end we spend the longest time discussing the leather color, the kitchen module and the wooden fronts. Although the topic of self-sufficiency was very, very important to us beforehand, this is where we spend the least time.

When we sit in the car on the way back after 6 hours, we are both pretty exhausted but happy. The modest weather on the train doesn't change that.



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