Packing list

new packing list for van, camper, Bulli & Co

new packing list for van, camper, Bulli & Co

I pack my suitcase and take it with me... Although one thinks less of suitcases and more of storage boxes in a van, camper, van, etc., the question remains: What do we take with us? Available space, weight and organization system play a major role on board....

Water Packing List: Drinking, Showers & DIY Solutions

Water Packing List: Drinking, Showers & DIY Solutions

If you want to be self-sufficient, wild & free, energy and water are the two most important topics in a van, camper, Bulli & Co. On the subject of energy, we have reported here and here.Water tanks We have a total of 170 liters of water on board: 70 liters in...

Electronics | Light | Communication

Electronics | Light | Communication

I read again and again on other blogs of digital nomads that you should not take so much with you, because you can buy everything on the road. Unfortunately, I can't confirm that from my own painful experience. Quite the opposite. And even worse: You can't yet...

Camping Toilet for Camper, Van, Bulli & Co

Camping Toilet for Camper, Van, Bulli & Co

Today we are talking about a crap topic. The camping toilet seems to be very important to many people. Or why else this topic is discussed very emotionally in almost every vanlife forum? Therefore, we have dedicated a separate packing list to this topic.Porta Potti The...

Packing List Outdoor Furniture | Decoration

Packing List Outdoor Furniture | Decoration

We don't want to sacrifice comfort on our trip around the world. We are out of the age. That's why our SpaceCamper is 40cm longer, so we can take many things with us that make us happy. Most of the deco comes up on the way. What Deco?...

Packing list - What is allowed on board?

Packing list - What is allowed on board?

I pack my suitcase and take with me.... Although one thinks less of suitcases and more of storage boxes on a bus, the question remains, what do I take, what do we take? - The available space, weight and organization system play a key role on board....

Packing list for traveling in a van


The Packing list for a Trip in a van looks different from a trip to a hotel. To the most diverse Things must be considered. As the Storage space is limited, only the most necessary things can be carried. Apart from the storage space, more weight also means more Fuel consumption. In most cases, the aim is to spend as little money as possible. What happens at the first Tour The first one is a little difficult, the second one is much easier. So everyone makes their Experience which items are really needed and which items are a luxury for you. Once you have on the way is to turn back in order to forgotten very annoying. We therefore recommend: Even if the Route is not completely planned, a Packing list always makes sense.

A lot of clothing is usually not necessary, on most Campsites washing machines are available. If you need something quickly, you can also use a Trip detergent that you can simply use in a bowl of water.

Travel for example, with your Dogyou need a small extra list so that the Animal is well taken care of in the van.


Packing list electrical appliances

Technical devices should be reduced as much as possible. There are not always Electricity. In addition Technical Devices a Valuable item and could be stolen.

Since Photos of course belong to every trip, you should have a USBPacking the plugwhich can be plugged into the cigarette socket. (If the mobile base does not have any regular sockets installed). Camera or Cell phone can be charged while driving. However, one important electronic device is a Navigation system. For the electronic items, the Chargers, as well as Batteries and Memory cards. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side Atlas and a Road map pack. In an emergency, this can be made from one or the other Breakdown help. Also a Notebook and Pens should not be missing, these are needed more often than expected.

A Tip is to do important things, always at the same Place stow away.
In the Emergency you always know directly where the EmergencySet or the First-aid kit and does not have to search long.


Outdoor packing list

On Goal Once you arrive, you want to make yourself comfortable quickly. For a Seating should be Chairs, Table and possibly Hammock be thought of. For the Mood is provided by a lamp that can be placed on the table. A Ceiling and Candles incl. Matches are also worthwhile. A fan heater is ideal for visiting cooler places. This will keep you warm even on cooler evenings. Depending on Destination therefore requires different equipment. This is also person-dependent. Some people like to spend time outside the van, making themselves comfortable and cozy. For the other, however, the Seating in the van.


Storage space and order in the van

If you have a fully equipped camper you usually have the opportunity to do a lot stow and at the same time, a beautiful designed living atmosphere to enjoy. Without many Crates and Bagslying in the van, it is immediately more comfortable. With an extended Space Camper you have the good fortune Storage space and at the same time Order to have.

In addition, the Delta Bags an opportunity to Luggage to stow and yet a ordinary van. There are also Seat covers from Delta which for Extra space at the seats.


Kitchen equipment packing list

Cooking is also part of the Camping a major topic. So that the good mood a delicious meal is a must. With one or the other Kitchen utensil a nice meal right away conjure upinstead of ravioli from a tin. The beautiful pitch by the sea can be better enjoyed with a delicious meal. A wonderful way to spend the evening fade out. But here, too, the Needs different.


Packing list - Hiking vacation / city trip / summer vacation / long trip

One Packing listthat is suitable for every trip probably does not exist. Every trip has its different requirements. Nevertheless, we try to create a list that makes it easier to access most of the Luggage to think. Also the Length of the trip and the ability to wash things - whether clothes or dishes - plays a major role.
The Weather resistance or Functionality of the clothing and materials for a Hiking vacation are quite different compared to a City trip. Just like the Season of the Road trips makes a considerable difference. In winter, clothes are much bulkier than those for summer.


Travel packing list as PDF to print out

There are many Travel packing lists as PDF to print out. This is always to recommendas this allows you to check once again whether you have packed everything and nothing has been forgotten.
There are a lot of things to think about, so it's worth having a Print list and as soon as you have stowed the item, you tick the item off. Like this saves many an emergency purchase to get something Missing to replace. The List should always be written ahead of time and in Range so that you can always add something if you think of something.

So nothing stands in the way of your journey.