About us -

This is us

Torgit and Marc, it's not just traveling that connects us. We've been a couple since 2012. Married since 2016. At home on the world's roads since 2020.

It is not only the similarities that complement us, but above all the contrasts.


Hi, my name is Torgit. I'm the good 'numbers, dates, facts' part of the Häusgens who stops at a red light. I was born in 1969.

I come from Bonn, moved to Marc in Cologne in 2013 and learned that these two cities couldn't be more different despite their proximity.

In small, bourgeois Bonn, people stick to the rules, in Cologne the Cologne constitution 'Et kütt wie et kütt' and 'Et hätt noch emmer joot jejange' applies. My motto is 'Live and let live'.

In my 1st life I was a surveyor, until I fell a bit ill in 2011 and was lucky enough that my office sent me into disability retirement in 2014.

Marc and I met and fell in love in 2012, and we got married in 2016.

I discovered traveling many years ago: Cuba, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Washington or even just a short trip to Munich, Berlin and always like to go to the Baltic Sea. I love nature. More sea is my mantra. Although, "when I see the sea, I don't need the sea anymore".


"Maybe I'll grow old, maybe I'll turn gray, but never, never will I grow up"

I'm old, gray too, but what about growing up?

As a young lad, I was a member of the German Freischar, a society of hikers and scouts.

This boyhood not only shaped my free spirit, my love of nature, strengthened my pacifism and taught me to love my homeland (today I call that being a patriot) without associating it with any political views. But above all, I learned to travel and hike. We called it going on a "big trip". The monkey, an old Swiss army backpack, was always with us. We traveled with small luggage. Drinking horn, water bottle, a blanket sleeping bag. The only luxury was a sheepskin*

I had resolved that exploring the world would be an integral part of my life.

But as the saying goes: "Life is what happens while you're planning something else."

My free spirit led me into self-employment. I learned quickly and constantly. First as a salesman, then as sales manager of a renowned prefabricated house company. Vacations and travel quickly slipped into the background. I got to know the world more through incentive trips than vacations.

Then Torgit came into my life. She awakened my longing to travel again. - We discovered Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the USA.

At the same time, I became more and more professionally involved with the topic of sustainability. We therefore want to limit long-distance travel and flights, so we want to explore our home country and Europe.

And something else has changed. My goal as a sales manager was always to build a team and to create managers from this team who would take over my role. I've always said that I've done everything right if I can not only be replaced, but my successors can do the job even better. What I didn't want was to fight for my job until the last day. An older colleague of mine, my role model in many ways, had a different plan. "When I'm 65, I'll drive my Winnebago down the west coast of the USA" - so much for the plan, he never set off.

We prefer to live in the here and now. Torgit and I have made a promise to each other. I want to lay the world at her feet and she wants to take me on a journey with her. World and journey adorn the inside of our rings. Slowly a plan began to germinate. To go on tour with the van, like some of our friends do. We looked around. It soon became clear that we wanted a SpaceCamper. It was ordered quickly, but manufacturers have delivery times and there was another VW model change, with a lower-emission engine. That was and still is the case with SpaceCamper.

But the "offspring" was there. - Time to let go? But sometimes it's harder than you think. Preserving vested interests was my topic. Then the signal came from an unexpected direction. In a conversation with a good friend and confidante, I was told "You only ever think about what you have to give up instead of what you gain". "Where does this wisdom come from?" - From your brother was the answer. - Ultimately, it was these words from my brother that made me decide to terminate an eighteen-year cooperation, recommend two of my site managers to succeed me, spontaneously buy us a T5, spend weeks researching equipment and now? - Now we are on the road. But none of this would have been possible without Torgit, my wife, who supports me in all of this. The best thing that has ever happened to me.

*Speaking of sheepskin, when you're over 50, it can be a little more luxurious. Light luggage, no, it can be a little more. I'm not at all averse to glamping. If you have it nice at home, you don't always want to do without when you're on the road.

But one thing has remained, the sheepskin, ahem, the sheepskins.

Speaking of Torgit and your rules: Always these rules. - My name is...

I'm quite right in Cologne, free spirit as I am, at least when I'm not in Cologne. And of course I have rules: I stop when the light turns green.


"May I introduce myself?

Hector, T5, California, Edition,

Year of construction 2011, place of birth: No, Wolfsburg..."


That's how the text from my "vacation replacement" began. She didn't even know where she was from. It shouldn't be Wolfsburg, it should be Hanover.

For me it should say "what lasts a long time becomes really good". - Certainly not "may I introduce myself".

What did Hector say? "...There can only be one No.1..." - Right, that's me. - Neither Hector, nor Spector, but Butch. - Butch like Butcher, only with a big B. -

When nobody was thinking about Hector yet, I was already plan B. Plan A was to do the big wheel and buy a Cali on the side. - But then Torgit and Marc came across the SpaceCamper stand at the Caravan Fair in Düsseldorf. - Plan A was already forgotten. That was September 2018 - good things take time. - I'm not just any off-the-peg van, but a genuine SpaceCamper.

Naturally with BULLI DNA, fully matured.

Since the T6 is the facelift of the T5, I am the facelift of the facelift, a T6.1 - year of construction 2020, you know, the golden twenties. - Born in Hanover, grew up in Darmstadt. - Ready to be released into the wild.

I have a beefy heart with 198 hp, 7-speed DSG and 4MOTION, which is new German for Syncro. - But I don't want to bore you with details. - Although I am proud of the fact that I meet the Euro 6d TEMP - EVAP "Evaporative Emission" -ISC "In-Service Conformity Tests" emissions standard. In real life, not on the test bench. - Smart ass mode off.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I also get my own category. - So if you want to know more about me, you should check out here look.

Which of us will take on the introverted and which the extroverted part of the relationship? - The length of the texts should give you a clue.

In any case, we are not short of opposites. Torgit would describe Marc as someone for whom problems are there to be solved.

Not always thought through to the end, but solved. As a bubbling, calm volcano, full of power, one you can warm yourself to.

Marc likes this example, he also thinks Torgit is a volcano. But one that thinks everything through quietly and secretly, almost systematically, only to explode suddenly and unpredictably.

Don't be fooled, yes Torgit is a man of reason, but every now and then...

However, it is not only the contrasts that make up our partnership, but also the similarities.

Anyone who knows us knows that "food makes you happy" - what else? We don't want to reveal everything.