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Vanlife - The life in the camper


A Road trip is the dream of many people. The Freedom feel, Adventure experience and in the Nature be
One plans the Trip in advance, the other simply lets himself be guided by his Intuition drive.
The nice thing about a trip like this is that you can always spontaneously set your sights on a new destination or a dreamlike view from the window. You can see everything individual and spontaneous plan and one or the other Stopover make. So you can see some places discoverthat you would never have found otherwise. Everyone travels in their own way, planned, spontaneous, in their own Bulli, CamperVan or in the rented Motorhome. Here you can do everything according to his Performances plan.

The Apartment does not have to be terminated immediately in order to lead a vanlife. For many, however, this is no longer necessary, as they permanent at Van live. For people who love a five-star all-inclusive vacation, this Lifestyle not necessarily the first choice. But once you have Benefits of such a life/trip, will certainly know convinces be. Less is more! This can degenerate into minimalism, but it does not have to. Everyone has the freedom to decide this individually for themselves. Spartan or a little glamping?

Electricity and Fresh water are important points in this regard. Since this is not available to an unlimited extent, a mobile Solar system, speak Solar bag in order to sufficiently Electricity on board. There are also smart solutions for the additional water tank.


Vanlife - minimalism

Without great Consumption is the desire of many campers. So it's a nice variant to use his Costs as low as possible. Not only from For reasons of space one becomes the Minimalism tempted, but with time you learn to appreciate it. Getting by without much, thus having fewer costs and needing less money, means working less and having more time to spend on the World to explore and live the enjoy. One renounces parts of the everyday Luxurybut gets much more in return: Experience that shape life.


Vanlife finance

Working online is what makes it possible for many to have a Vanlife to lead. In many areas, the work of on the way or at home possible from. Hold the more mobile variant of the Home Office. Some Employer vote for a longer Time out and thus open up the Possibility for an adventure. Should it financial not be possible to take time off from work, it is possible to arrange for a longer stay a Job search on site. In addition, the own apartment for this period can be used as AirBnB be rented out in order to additionally Revenue to have.

Many travelers have also managed to get through a Blogin which she talks about her Round trips report, a small Side income to acquire. On such blogs you get a lot of Impressions into the different countries, places, way of life etc. and certainly many Insider tips. Should you deal with the Driving route be unsure, it is always worthwhile to consult a Advisor, for the country passed through, to have with you. Here you can find Clues, which cities are worth seeing.

Also with Instagram one becomes with many Influencers taken daily while living in the van. Also as Pair travel is very popular, because most of all you want to see the beautiful Sunsets together experience and share. But it is not only the positive Moments shared, even from small Breakdowns is reported. Thus, other travelers have the opportunity these Breakdowns to bypass.

Other countries, other customs. In advance, you should not only find out in which places you are allowed to park, or whether there are only marked Pitches exists. Since for these in various cases additional Costs can arise, but even small tips like these help. 


Vanlife - Which car suits me?

The van here becomes the new Home, so it should be based on the respective Needs be coordinated and with Dear can be designed. Here can be a built Van or Combi be used. Whether you then use this yourself expand wants, buys it ready-made right away or has it converted, everyone decides for themselves. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, a more personal Binding arises safely, in its own expansion. DIYDo it yourself" is the latest trend. But with every modification, every self-designed detail, an already completed bus also becomes a personal unicum. 

Many dream of a real VW Bulli, a California or Westfalia, as it was still called at that time. Because since the 60s it is called cult, cult VW Bulli. The VW Camper is considered the Camper car par excellence. Straight Vintage car like the VW T1, T2 and T3 are popular and therefore, unfortunately, quite expensive. Since these models are no longer the youngest, it is imperative to pay attention to the State be respected. After all, the aim is often to achieve wide Routes to cope with it, so the ride should also be safe. The models VW T5 and T6 offer more space than their predecessors. But only the current model, the VW T6.1 offers all modern assistance systems.

Much Place and Storage space offer Mercedes Sprinter or Fiat Ducato. However, this is at the expense of the exterior dimensions. Because a larger vehicle offers more space inside, but also does not get everywhere. On the Internet there are also many Instructions and Tips to Expansion of the bus. Here are the Wishes very different. One needs just one Sleeping place and a small Kitchen, the other would like an additional Toilet or a Dining area. "Should it be with or without a high roof?" These are the questions you should ask yourself.

If one is a friend of rides that go into a more unstable terrain go, you should do this at the Vehicle selection also keep in mind. Not every vehicle is suitable for such Routes and for each Terrain. For certain Purposes it is worthwhile to purchase a vehicle with All-wheel drive to choose. On websites from Offroad specialists like Terranger or Delta 4×4 will be quite a bit of Offroad accessories offered. Also Tuning is an issue in the industry. At Terranger and Delta 4×4 you will find not only Offroad tuning accessoriesbut above all competent advice. Which Tires and Rims are suitable for various surfaces, which are the right ones for your van? Here you will find the right answers. The products are available for a wide range of vehicles. The VW T5, VW T6, Ford Ranger, Mercedes Sprinter and many more.


Van order

Many ask us how we get all our stuff stow. For this we also have a small Tip. From Vantale there are several Storage systems with Accessorieswhich gives you the Stowage from Luggage a lot easier. Also in our van we have the Vantal Organzier used, there can be many small Items be stowed.

For larger Luggage we use the Alutec transport box, as well as Delta Bags. These are perfect for Stowage of all our objects. Through our Delta Bags looks in the van immediately everything much orderly out and we quickly find the things we need. Also as Seat covers with Storage space there are these to buy. Order simplifies many things in the van.


Vanlife - Where can I find the right car?

The right Car to find is not always easy. Usually it takes a longer Searchto find the right Vehicle for yourself. Therefore, one should think in advance about which Details a particularly important are. Should, for example, the Sustainability, the Environment and thus a low Co2 emission be important, other vehicles come into question. To get a Van/Camper/Camper first, you can find on various Platforms search for it. One platform is for example Facebook, here can be used in special Groups search for a suitable vehicle. Another platform is among others Ebay Classifieds. Here some people sell their used van or even hobbyists their ready Converted vehicles. Here you have the Possibility to offer an amount that one is willing to pay. A Test drive should nevertheless always be agreed upon and Rating of the dealer. But first and foremost, I would read our blog post on this. 


Vanlife - camper expansion

Would you like a new Vehicle buy, which has already become the Camper has been rebuilt, offers SpaceCampe an. Here are the offered Vehicles already removed or can individual be co-designed. The Terranger Shop also has a Offroad upgrade for the Volkswagen Transporter T5/T6 or an off-road conversion for the Mercedes-Benz Vito/V-Class.

Would you like to have your Van in a DIYProject convert yourself, there are now Blogs and Videos at YouTubethat help you with this. In principle, it is up to each person. Also the financial question is always in the room. The only important thing is that everything secure is. When it comes to the Security goes, you should not Costs save.