Butch & Friends

"Friends are the family, that one chooses"

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My Andalusia Treasure Box by Barbara

My Andalusia Treasure Box by Barbara

Our friend Barbara tells: In the "Andalusia treasure box" are memories of the Costa del Sol from childhood until today. How much the experience with all senses shapes and small jewels of true "quality time" embellish the everyday thoughts, describes...

Butch and Friends

The friendship

As I say, friends are the family you can choose. Having the right friends by your side will certainly contribute to your happiness and quality of life. People always say friends come and go, but if you take care of your friendships, treat each other with respect and warmth, then they can definitely be for eternity. You will often meet people in life who you expected to be different, but they are friends who really are not. On the other hand, you will meet people with whom you may not get along right away, but who turn out to be friends in need. There are friends in life and friends for life.


Summer of memory

Our good friend, Barbara, shared with us her very special memories of her childhood in Andalusia. The place she speaks of so enamoredly, she used to travel with her mother to recover from her lung infection and recharge her batteries. She talks about a completely different attitude to life, light and carefree. The beautiful warm air there, the fresh sea breeze and the bright, intense colors are memories she will probably carry in her heart forever.

Vacation memories, any kind of memory we carry namely not only in our memory, but rather in our heart. People we have met, places we have seen, love we have experienced, all this leaves traces in us. Filling your life with memories is worth much more than money and possessions. Beautiful memories are the true treasures of life. They preserve and keep our dreams and give us courage for every new step.


Freedom means having the courage to realize your dreams

Courage, is what moves us forward and helps us to happiness. Andrea, my former flatmate dared some time ago, to be exact 6 years ago, with her partner Craig a big step. The two gave up their residence and set off by camper to Tenerife to live.

That is the freedom I mean. I'm glad that society is moving more and more in the direction of freedom and self-determination. Nowadays everything is possible. We have 1000 possibilities to realize ourselves, to develop ourselves and can take the path we want for ourselves. Whether profession, residence or partner - we are completely free in our decisions and can fully pursue our happiness.

You must not postpone your happiness until someday. We tend to say, "I will not be happy until...", but that is exactly the mistake, because we are free. If you are unhappy in your job, if you want to emigrate, if you want to drop everything and live your life in a camper, then do so. Freedom is not a metaphor.


What constitutes quality of life?

For me, time with people has a big impact on my quality of life. Whether it's time with family or friends, quality time is very important for our well-being. Talking together for hours, exchanging ideas over a glass of wine, that gives life meaning for me. Time is free, but it is the most important asset we have. We can use our time the way we want, with our loved ones or all alone. The important thing is to use it wisely and not feel like we are wasting it, spending time on things that make us unhappy. We should not always be waiting for something. Not wait until the best time comes, but make the present one the best time. That's what makes me happy and that's what makes quality of life for me.