You want to reduce your ecological footprint while traveling? How can we support you?

We see this as our joint contribution to reducing environmental impact, conserving natural resources and promoting socially responsible behavior without lecturing. We would also like to deliberately dispense with the familiar finger-pointing here.

But how do you bring ecological, economic and social concerns under the roof of a vacation home?

We quickly discovered that it was not that simple. Sicily and Palermo in particular are certainly not beacons for sustainable thinking and action.

Plastic avoidance and waste separation seem to be foreign words. But there are also positive things to report. The first bus stops are currently being equipped with charging stations. And in the storage market, Italy, and especially Sicily, is considered a pioneer in renewable energy alongside Germany.

There is much to be done. That is why we do not want to stop ourselves from making our modest contribution.
Yes, the word modest was also chosen deliberately. Because we are certainly only at the beginning. Within the scope of our possibilities, we are making our contribution. Freely according to the motto:

"What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow."
- Marie Freifrau Ebner von Eschenbach

What is our ecological footprint? What about our ecological footprint?

Here is a catalog of what we have done so far:


Solar power generation and storage

Sicily's sun makes a significant contribution to our sustainability concept. It shines an average of 7.4 hours per day. This is good not only for the soul, the vitamin D household, but especially for our environment.

Heating - Drying - Cooling

Renewable energy makes a significant contribution here. The heat pump of the energy-efficient split air conditioner not only makes it possible to use the natural ambient heat from the air. It also serves as a primary heat source. CO2 free due to a combination with solar/photovoltaic system, electricity storage and green electricity.

The apartment also has a Bosch condensing boiler of the latest generation. However, this is only intended as a secondary heat source and fall-back system.

Power & Light

Color rendering, dim-to-warm and energy efficiency were the focus here. LEDs guarantee the long-lasting and sustainable use of the luminaires.

In addition to lighting, avoiding unnecessary power consumption was also on our agenda. All household appliances were selected according to energy criteria wherever possible. In addition, a central switch makes it possible to turn off all power (with the exception of the refrigerator) when leaving the apartment. Simply eco, logical?

Drinking water

The tap water is not only tested at regular intervals according to EU guidelines. We also find the taste exceptionally good. That's why we use it as drinking water. So we save ourselves and you the unnecessary carrying of bottles. The hint that it is valuable drinking water, which should be saved, we can save or? PS: Don't forget your water bottle!


Avoiding plastic waste at home is often already a challenge in everyday life. On vacation, this is often doubly difficult. To make this possible for you on vacation, we have already done a little preparatory work.

For example, we have deliberately avoided plastic as far as possible when it comes to tableware and cutlery. But the decisive contribution is right outside the door. The Mercato Ballarò, traditional and known for its regional offer of seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish and sustainable meat.

Several unpacking stores are within walking distance. Our guests can find the exact location in their digital map. Glass storage containers, as well as shopping basket and bag are part of the equipment of our apartment Palazzo Vetrano.

Sustainability: glass, porcelain, reusable, instead of plastic and disposable
Sustainability: glass, porcelain, reusable, instead of plastic and disposable


Also in the selection of our vintage furniture, in addition to appearance and quality, we have placed emphasis on sustainability and durability. Thus, most of our pieces come from Palermo and the surrounding area, and have made other people happy before. Our brass bed can certainly be called intergenerational. If together we can make this furniture eventually make the next generation happy, we would be a sustainable step further.

Of course, there are also a few furnishings from IKEA. After all, their customers should also feel comfortable with us. We hope to have found the corresponding sustainable products.

Sleeping 1, Palermo Blu, Centro Storico, Ballarò, Pallazzo Vertrano, Casa Vacanza
Sleeping 1 Details, Palermo Blu, Centro Storico, Ballarò, Pallazzo Vertrano, Casa Vacanza

Building materials

Doors & windows are made of wood, a renewable building material. The thermal insulation glazing protects against cold and heat. We found it exciting that our contractor had already thought about a sustainable selection of building materials in advance. I would not have expected this in Sicily yet.


Of course, the most climate-friendly way to get to Sicily would be on foot or by bike. It is also possible by car or train. It is true that the car is an hour faster, for example, on the route from Frankfurt to the ferry port of Genoa. But what is more relaxed? Especially since the entrance by ferry in the port of Palermo is priceless. 

If you don't have the time for this, you can still come to Sicily by plane without flying shame. Almost all airlines now offer CO2 compensation. The probably better alternative are non-profit Providers such as atmosfair. These calculate, for example, the climate impact of a flight for two people, from Cologne to Palermo, for the outward and return flight, with 1,200 kg CO2. That is just under 22% of the often cited flight to Bali. The compensation amount for this corresponds to 28,- €. Here you can not only calculate how much CO2 you emit with your flight, but also directly and easily support worldwide compensation programs. 

From Palermo airport you can get directly by train to the Palermo Centrale train station and thus to the old town.  

Means of transport on site

By the way, you can get around Palermo's old town perfectly on foot. For those who like to ride a bike, we have listed pedestrian rental options in our digital city map. Cross-country trips can be easily organized by bus, train or ferry. This way you save a rental car. Economical and ecological at the same time.

Personal responsibility

About our personal CO2 footprint we have already written in a separate article. We are still working on it. Although we're far from perfect, too. As I said, the point is not to point fingers at anyone, but to encourage joint efforts.

Food & Social

In our favorite restaurant Moltivolti you can not only eat well, but at the same time promotes their social commitment in Ballarò. 


Here we provide information about our personal commitment to travel. Because plastic waste is an omnipresent challenge today.


We are not perfect. But it is also the small steps that count. That is why we are happy to make our contribution together with you.

Save the World. There is no Planet B

Casa Pieve: Tiny House in the olive grove above Bagheria
Casa Pieve
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