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"Between madness and sanity,

is often only a thin wall"

- Daniel Gyro Gearloose

Vanlife Recipes - Cooking in Van, Bulli & Camper

Vanlife Recipes - Cooking in Van, Bulli & Camper

I keep hearing that people don't like to cook in the van. It would be so difficult and complicated. People prefer to go out to eat. That's why here are a few very simple recipes for on the road. With an absolute guarantee of success. We like to cook ourselves in the van. Because I...

Van, Camper or Bulli? | Which is the right one?

Van, Camper or Bulli? | Which is the right one?

More and more people dream of freedom and of going on tour with a van, camper, van, camper van, minivan, caravan or camper bus. Before the realization of this dream is the procurement of the right camper. But which motorhome is the right one? It...

Ten things that bother me about vanlife

Ten things that bother me about vanlife

Surely you know such or similar lists. Therefore, one thing in advance: We are complaining here on a high, no, very high level. We have fulfilled our dream with BUTCH. Since we were already on the road with a VW California almost 3/4 year, we knew all the strengths...

What does white goods have to do with camping?

What does white goods have to do with camping?

"Wonderful word: to pass the time! To hold it would be the problem. Because, who is not afraid: where is a staying, where is a finally being in all this?..." From time to time in our blog the term yogurt cup or also white goods for the classic...

Tips & tricks for camping

Vacation fun for families, couples and singles

Camping offers something for everyone. For us, it means life. Especially with our BUTCH, we have once again realized that the SpaceCamper motto "we live it" fits us perfectly. Because that's what we really do with our VanLife. In the meantime, we have gained a lot of experience that can be interesting for beginners with motorhomes as well as camper professionals. Here you will find some tips and tricks for your camper vacation.

There are a few helpful tricks when choosing a campsite. If you are on the road to the campsite for a very long time, you will feel the urge to stop at a rest area. But there are much more pleasant and, above all, safer alternatives than squeezing between trucks. In residential areas, there are usually lots of campers and family caravans. You are guaranteed not to stand out between them. Another trick is to stop near a cemetery - if in doubt, there will be water and a quiet neighborhood. You can find electricity at e-bike charging stations. You can find more tips & tricks in the blog posts.


Which SpaceCamper furniture should be added to the equipment?

Optimizing your camping experience starts with choosing the right camper and the right accessories. Our SpaceCamper, for example, is characterized by a particularly high pop-up roof. Its many different versions can be seen in the SpaceCamper store. From grey to orange, blue, white and black, the camper is available in every color. There are also numerous accessories in the store to make your camping trip even more pleasant and uncomplicated. Of course, a camping stove and barbecue are a must. But even if some pocket knives already come with camping cutlery, an additional set is necessary, especially for families. A crockery bag is the right choice for stowing it away to save the limited space on the camping shelves. Yes, even in the SpaceCamper there is not infinite space. However, with camping shelves from the SpaceCamper store, this space can be extended. If you like it particularly dark when you sleep, you can get the SpaceCamper blackout blinds for the front and side windows. These darkeners also help to regulate the heat in the camper.


What should you pack for camping?

When packing for camping, there are two essential keywords that you should follow - minimalist and pragmatic. After all, enjoying personal freedom involves getting rid of useless things. However, things that are useful for camping should definitely be on your checklist. Of course, a flashlight, umbrella and penknife are part of the basic equipment. Clothes and food and the like are of course on your packing list. So that you can sit outside when it gets warm, it makes sense to take a kitchen box and camping furniture with you. You can use a garden water sprayer as a rinsing aid. Especially in summer, there's nothing better than sitting in front of your camper under an awning or in an awning, having a barbecue and playing games. There is some very handy camping furniture for this. However, you often get the receipt the next morning - it itches and scratches. That's why one thing is essential for camping: a mosquito net. The little insects are a nuisance and won't stop at motorhomes if they are not properly secured. Of course, it is important to always close the doors of the camper in summer after you have passed through them. However, this tactic is usually not entirely successful in the fight against mosquitoes. In addition to a mosquito net around the beds and countless deterrent candles for outside, there are other tricks. For example, it is helpful to put another mosquito net around the entrance to the camper. If you are sitting outside with friends in the evening and have an umbrella with you, you can stretch a net around it and build a kind of tent to keep the mosquitoes out. If the net is big enough, it can also be placed over the umbrella. For the best protection, however, you should get a front or rear tent. It is also advisable to buy an anti-mosquito spray for your body.


The switch to camping

If you have already gained experience in a camper or caravan, you might even have the confidence to book a campsite for camping. There is hardly a more adventurous and cheaper form of vacation than camping in a tent. Nevertheless, it is important to plan your vacation in advance, as wild camping is a criminal offense. One of the exciting things about camping is that it requires a very simple and pragmatic way of life. You have to do without all kinds of luxuries. In order to be able to sleep as comfortably as possible under these conditions, there are thick insulating and air mattresses as well as thick sleeping bags for outdoors. By the way: Did you know that it makes more sense to use additional blankets or put clothes on top of your sleeping bag to keep warm than to put on warmer clothes to sleep in?

If you don't want to go camping in a completely traditional way, you are more dependent on portable power sources when camping than ever before. For this purpose, SpaceCamper offers car charging cables and power sockets. If you want to be on the safe side, you also have the choice between various camping lamps and power banks with a particularly high capacity.