CCC - Camper Cleanup Campaign

"What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow."

- Marie Freifrau Ebner von Eschenbach

CCC - Camper Cleanup Campaign | Ocean CleanUp | River CleanUp | Beach CleanUp | CAMPaign for free

CCC - Camper Cleanup Campaign | Ocean CleanUp | River CleanUp | Beach CleanUp | CAMPaign for free

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Ocean, Beach and River Clean Up

Our CCC Camper Cleanup Campaign aims to educate campers about environmental awareness, climate change and sustainability. These issues affect each of us and especially when traveling it is often difficult to pay attention to one's ecological footprint. However, it is often so easy to do something good and everyone can do their part to improve the environment. Our motto is: You must stop complaining and handing over the task to others and instead participate in improving the environment yourself. Especially when we travel, we have a lot of time. Time to relax, time to think, but also time to do good. Everyone has at least 10 minutes to pick up some trash, so that the beautiful places, also for future generations, are still as beautiful as possible and not completely littered. We also call on everyone to post their cleanup in order to set a good example and to encourage and motivate others to become active themselves.


Environmental Awareness Study

More people than ever before find climate protection important and pay more attention to their ecological footprint. They see politicians as having a responsibility, but also themselves. 64% of Germans think that environmental and climate protection is a very important matter that needs to be tackled together. That is 11% more than in 2016. This information is set out in the "Environmental Awareness in Germany 2018" study.


The Ecological Footprint

The definition of the ecological footprint is: biological, productive area on the Earth necessary to sustain a person's lifestyle and standard of living. It is referred to as a sustainability indicator. Germany's ecological footprint in 2019 is very high, because three Earths would be needed if the world's population lived like Germany's population.


Environmentally conscious travel

Many people consciously choose to travel by camper, as this is more environmentally conscious than traveling by plane and they can be closer to nature and thus actively experience it. But just then you notice the enormous pollution more than when you spend your vacation in a resort. Many campers are looking for adventure, untouched places and want to be far away from the tourist attractions. However, it is important that these places remain as pristine as they are and that everyone takes their trash back with them. This is especially essential for our trip.


Climate change: Is it already too late?

The questions "How environmentally conscious am I, really?", "How much time do we have left?", "How much heat can the earth take?" are becoming increasingly important. The point is, we can't turn back time, we can't undo the damage that climate change has left on our world, but we can do everything we can together to improve the future. To say it doesn't affect you or you don't want to have anything to do with this issue is a mistake! It affects all of us, so it is also important that we all act together. Everyone has to start with themselves and rethink their consumerism and lifestyle. As the Dalai Lama so beautifully said, "Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world."


Our consumer behavior influences the climate

Our consumption behavior has a major impact on climate change. Everyone has the choice what they consume, from which countries they consume and how much they consume. Especially packaging & shipping from faraway countries harm the environment enormously. Importing food, clothing, etc. also contributes to global warming. A big step towards improvement would be to make sure to consume local products. We should also consume more consciously. We should think about whether we really need this piece of clothing, because we don't need most of it. We Western Europeans in particular live in such abundance that it wouldn't hurt to consume a little less.