"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it"

Albert Schweitzer

Are you an all-round happy person? 100%? - Then please read no further.

100% not enough for you? - Then you're like us. That's why we've taken a closer look at happiness and are looking for more. One thing definitely makes us happy: more sea, hence our tour.

You can read what we have already compiled on the subject of happiness here. Perhaps you'll find a few more tips on the path to happiness here.

Do you have any tips and suggestions for us? We are curious!

Happiness is defined as a pleasant twist of fate, happiness personified or a joyful state of mind.

The special thing about it is that it doesn't say anything about chance! - Luck is (not) a matter of luck!

Or to put it in the words of John "Hannibal" Smith:
"I don't believe in coincidences, I believe that there is a plan for everything that happens by chance."
So if happiness is no coincidence, can we help it along, make it plannable?
Wouldn't it be appealing to take your life, your happiness, into your own hands?
What if happiness could even be trained, trained like a muscle?

Your very own GLÜCKsMUSKEL.

But before the training begins, it is important to clarify what distinguishes happy, successful people from less successful or unhappy people.

To stay on course, it would certainly be useful to first know how to chart your course. Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear map for a happy life at hand?

What do you think of the following five factors? - Five, like the fingers on your hand.

1. mindset: How do I become self-aware, calm and focused? What influence do appreciation, optimism, gratitude and attitude have on this?

2. navigation: How do I navigate through life? How do I find my bearings and what role do beliefs play?

3. competence: What role do professional skills play? (Sales techniques, organizational techniques, body language, rhetoric, stress avoidance, etc.)

4th body: How do I listen to my body? Does intuition help? Exercise, nutrition, sleep? Why are these factors crucial for the physical survival of our body? Does happiness influence the length of our lives?

5. joie de vivre: How do I enrich my life through fun, enjoyment, relationships, gratitude and helpfulness? What is the inner child all about? What about money and pleasure?

Many questions, we are on the way to finding answers. We have already found some of them:



Happy people often have a more self-confident demeanor. This could be because they have learned to recognize their values, their strengths and weaknesses, to know what drives them, what inspires them or what inhibits them. Being self-aware is the foundation for developing strategies, adapting your lifestyle and building on it. Those who appear self-confident on the outside are usually self-aware on the inside. A personality analysis helps you to become more aware of yourself and your environment and to recognize what motivates and drives you.

It is important to value yourself. Avoid comparing yourself with others. - Otherwise you run the risk of feeling superior. It's only a small step from here to arrogance. Or you see yourself as inferior, in which case you become inferior. In this case, you don't appreciate what you have achieved. Instead, compare yourself with your previous self. Just like with fitness training. Not "how much weight can my training partner do?", but "how much more can I do today than yesterday?" "What am I better at today than yesterday?" "What will I do better tomorrow than today?" You already have the right questions and your individual workout.

"Optimists, pessimists - ultimately both are wrong. But the optimist lives happier."- Kofi, Annan

Winners have the ability to develop their own optimism. Whether it's storming or snowing, they stay the course. Optimistic people see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities. If they have to choose between an easy path or the hard one, they trust the hard one and thus avoid the hustle and bustle.

Gratitude: When we become aware of how much good surrounds us, not only does the value of the things we own increase, but also the value of the things we share. - Air, water, food, joy, community, ... - Fantastic, isn't it? If we are grateful for all these things, we automatically become happier. Without gratitude, no contentment, no happiness.

Are you spiritual?

Let me disappoint you. - We are not here with Karitas, the Salvation Army and certainly not with Scientology.

Whatever you call it, intuition, spirituality* or religiosity, as soon as people believe that the world consists of more than just us, they are very likely to be happier, healthier and recover more quickly from trauma.

Apparently, spiritual emotions are essential for psychological well-being because they help us to connect with something bigger than ourselves. However, I dare to question whether believing in little green men is one of them.

*People tend to confuse spirituality and alcohol. - Alcohol and drugs do not open the senses, they only cloud them. This apparent happiness ends in addiction and depression more often than one would like. Well dosed, perhaps a topic of joie de vivre.

What really counts in the end? On the deathbed? What counts when it becomes clear that life is coming to an end?

Australian Bronnie Ware accompanied dying people in the last weeks of their lives. - In her book "5 Things Dying People Regret Most", she makes five basic points:

To have the courage to live your own life - to work less - to express your feelings - to cultivate friendships, to treat yourself to friends.

An end without regrets, full of happiness, would be great, wouldn't it? - We all have one goal, we have to die. Attention: Instead of death, it's about living, our life. - So that we don't regret anything at the end, especially what we didn't do.

Are you ready when the bell rings? "Doesn't suit me right now, could have gone on longer, but regrets? Up to this point, I'm very satisfied. It was great, lots of fun, lots of laughs and, above all, I was a happy human child". - Priceless, isn't it?

Create sub-goals:

Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...

When I am fully committed to my goals, I develop energy. Live in the here and now. Be present, live in the present. - As soon as my mission is recognized, I need to pause for a moment. I cannot always choose the framework conditions, but I can always choose my attitude. Even with the right attitude, am I sitting in the wrong frame?

Warren Buffett has said:

"If one day you find yourself in a chronically leaky boat, it's probably better to invest your energy in changing to another boat than constantly plugging leaks." Which brings us back to "having the courage to live your own life". - Find your calling!

What role do beliefs play? Look on the bright side: Beliefs are supposed to protect us by nature, help us find our bearings and thus navigate through life. Don't ask whether it is good or bad, ask whether it makes sense. What does it serve me?

But understanding the meaning does not mean reprogramming. Reprogramming as a goal is a challenge. Look for evidence as to why a belief is inconsistent. Establishing correct, new, beneficial beliefs takes time and patience.


Aptitude, meeting... Explaining to your children that they can become anything certainly makes as little sense as explaining to them what they can't do. The fact is, no master has ever fallen from the sky. Talent is helpful, but hard work usually beats talent.

Once you have recognized your mission, learning is easy. - But the question of purpose also applies here. Why do I want to learn this? What motivates me to learn? Having to learn is a hindrance. I can learn by observing, reading, practicing, listening, failing, overcoming, thinking, trying, doing. It is good to know whether I think strategically, analytically or emotionally. This makes it all the easier to find or combine the right way of learning.


"Health is like salt: you only notice when it's missing." - To prevent this from happening in the first place, the body needs to be looked after. A good start is simply to listen to yourself. If I feel weak, how am I going to find it easy to be strong and focus? Regular exercise is one of the most sustainable ways to prevent depression and burnout.

How can I deal better with stress and strokes of fate? - Happy people have often developed successful strategies to experience negative aspects in a positive way, to recognize the good that can come from life's challenges. - What role does trembling play in this?

At birth, the human body consists of 95 percent water. In adulthood, however, the proportion drops to "only" just under 70 percent. Drinking water regularly is not only healthy, but vital. Coffee and tea support joie de vivre in doses.

"Food makes you happy", so nutrition is energy and joie de vivre. I decide for myself how much health it contains. Less is sometimes more: less fat, less sugar, fewer carbohydrates. But the boundaries are fluid, otherwise your zest for life suffers. - Let food be your medicine. How is energy created and how can we increase it?

Breathing: Breathing is the most natural thing of all. Conscious breathing plays just as important a role in sport as it does in regeneration. Conscious deep breathing releases both mental and physical tension. Conscious breathing is the direct path to my inner self, my intuition. I am fully with myself and in the here and now. Our brain consumes 80% of the oxygen we breathe in? If you want to create clear thoughts, you should first breathe consciously.

Were you aware that 70% of all waste products in the body are excreted through the breath? Only 20% are disposed of through the skin and 10% through our digestive tract.

Joie de vivre:

Reciprocity - simply put: "tit for tat" or "you reap what you sow" - debt of gratitude

It starts with a smile: You need about as much muscle for a smile as you do for a grumpy one.

But what spreads a good mood and looks nicer? What has more charm, frown lines or laugh lines?

But only laughter ensures that the brain produces endorphins, which reduce physical and emotional pain and create feelings of happiness.

If someone smiles back now, so much the better.

Protect your inner child - When you were little, you played for hours, you didn't need to be motivated. If you ever fell down, you were straight back on your feet. Why fix a crown? You didn't have one! The world couldn't be big or exciting enough. Comfort zone unknown. Time stood still, faster, further, higher, no hunger, no thirst, no tiredness. Only when you were really, really tired did you remember that there was a home. Meaningless?

Today you would say you have a flow experience. - Have you ever felt that you work with such focus that you and your task become one? Completely focused and happy?

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" is written in the Bible, but you don't have to be a believer to live by it.

Do something good and serotonin is released in the brain. This substance not only makes us feel happy, but also keeps us healthy. It's called a win - win, right? Feels really good? - This effect is transferred to all the people who observe my good deeds. Do you know the expression a vicious circle? That's an angel circle.

Smiling helps to build social relationships.

The happiest people surround themselves with positive, successful, happy and smiling people. - Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. Did YOU know that people are more likely to die when they are lonely?

Forgiveness: Learn to forgive. Synonyms like: give away, give in, give up - It simply makes more sense to simply give away feelings like hatred than to harm yourself with them.

Happy people supposedly know that material wealth is not everything. - I tend to agree with Rio Reiser:

"Money doesn't make you happy, it just calms your nerves and you have to have it to throw it out the window"

However, inner satisfaction and materialism only seem to have a limited connection. But as Mark Twain once said, "The more pleasure you get from your work, the better it pays." - Which brings us back to giving. - Alternative: So that you own the money and not the money owns you, you should also look for other values. And that doesn't mean gold and shares. Working time is lifetime.

How about indulgence, for example? Just slow down in between and do something different. Fancy a trip?

We hope this has been a little journey into happiness - what is missing, what have we overlooked? Happy people believe in imperfection, but like perfection. - We look forward to your suggestions.

Let's make the next part of our lives the best part of our lives, step by step, goal by goal, as we learned as children.

Happiness muscle - how courage, gratitude and positivity can help you find your personal happiness


The antagonist of fear is courage

Being courageous does not mean not being afraid. You are allowed to be afraid, you are allowed to be thoughtful and ask yourself how you are going to overcome this hurdle that stands before you. The important thing in life is not to not feel fear, but to have enough courage to put fear in the shadows so that it does not keep you from your dreams. Courage means daring to try new things, to go new ways, to realize yourself and to shape your life in such a way that it is perfect for you.

I also listened to my heart, dropped everything and broke out of my hamster wheel. So my wife and I set off on a journey, a journey to ourselves and to our personal happiness. We traveled through Europe with Hector, our camper, and got to know many different places and people - and we would make the same decision again and again.


Happiness means gratitude

There are many things I am grateful for. I am grateful that I have found someone to discover the world with me. I am grateful for the many amazing places I have been able to see. I am grateful for the people I have met who have made these places special. And I am grateful because I now know how much life has to offer. I would argue that the most important things in life are gratitude, love and appreciation, because if they didn't exist, there would be no happiness and without happiness, we couldn't exist.


The power of positivity

Do you know that you can influence everything in your life through your thoughts? With a negative mindset, you will definitely attract negativity. However, if you have a positive mindset, you will also attract positive things. To get to know the sunny side of life, you need to adjust your attitude and behavior accordingly. If you get up every day with a smile and have confidence, trust in yourself and in life, then you will be able to achieve everything you set out to do. A fitting quote from the author Roy T. Bennett comes to mind: "Start each day with a positive thought and a greatful heart."


Find happiness

Many people equate happiness with possessions. Let's be honest: of course a big house, an expensive car and expensive clothes make us happy for the time being. However, we always strive for more. Imagine your neighbor arrives one day with a bigger house, a more expensive car or more expensive clothes. Are you still happy then? Do you begrudge him without even thinking about the fact that you now have to follow suit? I think very few people will answer 'yes' to this question, because envy and the eternal striving to be better than our neighbor is in our nature. It is precisely for this reason that I have decided not to make my happiness dependent on my possessions, because happiness does not come from fulfilling certain conditions. Happiness is simply there and comes from deep within, it comes unexpectedly and unexpectedly. Happiness has been on my side since I gave up striving for more. The basis of happiness and bliss is something that each of us has long carried within us. All this does not mean that you should stop dreaming, but we should stop searching. We should stop looking for happiness, because when the time is right, it will find us all by itself.

Traveling has made me realize that we are often so caught up in our everyday lives that we find it difficult to switch off and focus on the positive aspects of life. We are always stressed, annoyed and constantly thinking about things that are actually only secondary. Our job shouldn't take up our whole life. It's good if you've found a job that you enjoy and that fulfills you, but you also need to learn to just switch off and get away from it all. I have noticed that people who have much less than we do are often much happier and more content, as their happiness is not influenced by external things, but they are satisfied with what they have.