Street art in the province

Today we're heading out of the city and into the province. Pruvincia is the Sicilian word for province. Murals, urban art, stencils, cut-outs, pop-up art, sticker art and stencil graffiti also exist in the "provinces". In this context, the terms guerrilla art, neo-graffiti, post-graffiti and urban art are also used in Italian. However, in addition to murals, the term graffiti is usually simply used. Although hardly anyone knows it anymore, graffito (singular), graffiti (plural) is an Italian term.

And anyway, the countryside around Palermo is not provincial at all. Not without reason Palermo is also called Città metropolitana. Over eighty cities and towns belong to this "province".

We certainly cannot show all murals. Our selection is therefore not a rating. Perhaps we have not yet discovered the most beautiful works. Let's consider it as a start. We are grateful for any further tips. 


Part IPart II and Part III deal with murals and graffiti of any kind, in the old town of Palermo, Part IV with Palermo's new town. The individual posts are linked to each other for a better overview. So you can find your way back. This IV. We ended this fourth article with a street art piece on "Violence against women. Whereupon we begin in today's part. 

"Cielo driver " - Andrea Buglisi

Today's street art starting image is by Andrea Buglisi and is located in Villabate. It shows a woman, seemingly weightless, hovering just a few centimeters in front of a beautiful and menacing prickly pear cactus. The silhouette is supposed to be that of the actress Sharon Marie Tate Polanski  represent. She was cruelly murdered by members of the Manson Family in her villa on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969.

Sharon Tate, who was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world at the time, was eight months pregnant. The artist himself says of his work: "I have treated the terrible subject of violence against women through contrasts, a central and recurring motif in my visual narrative. Rise and fall, beauty and cruelty, local and universal". You can find more street art in Villabate below.


When we think of street art, Bagheria, located about 16 kilometers east of Palermo, does not immediately come to mind. Bagheria stands for sophisticated villas and parks. The district of Aspra for lemon plantations and Mongerbino for unspoiled, small beaches. 

But there are three street art highlights that we don't want to withhold from you.

Street Art Bagheria "Visual Station" by Mirko Cavallotto aka Loste.

Loste - "Galactic Guide


The "Galactic Guide" by Loste brings both color and fresh impulses to Bagheria. Bold lines and vibrant colors highlight current themes such as sustainability and technology. The modern expression of this work is done through spray paint, conveying the carefree joy of a ride in nature. In the painting we see a girl, symbolic of the future generation, taking off into space seemingly effortlessly. The whole thing, of course, sustainably on a bicycle.

She is accompanied by both a hummingbird and her faithful four-legged friend. Her dog seems to encourage the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the little things in life. The true galactic adventure that many dream of. 

However, contrary to how we live our lives, the future seems to be more in harmony with nature. The generation of the future will choose sustainable paths and use intelligent, environmentally friendly technologies. A little Tintin of the future. Let's hope it works out that way.

Bagheria Street Art: Ennio Morricone

Andrea Buglisi - The sound of silence

An impressive mural spanning 350 square meters was created by street artist Andrea Buglisi and serves as a tribute to the late Ennio Morricone, to whom Italian-born composer and conductor. Morricone, who was awarded an Oscar, composed the music for over 500 films in his impressive career. Whereby my favorite Play Me the Song of Death is. - Its original title, by the way, is not, as many assume Once Upon a Time in the West, but  C'era una volta il West. Italo-Western stop. 

Buglisi explains that this work of art is not solely due to his own creativity, but is the result of a confluence of multiple energies. As a passionate fan of Morricone, he has realized this work with great pleasure. The painting embodies the gesture of silence, but it is not an invitation to silence, but rather a call to pause, to pay attention not only to the music, but also to the people around us.


Street Art Bagheria

Andrea Buglisi and Igor Scalisi Palminteri

In this joint artwork by Andrea Buglisi and Igor Scalisi Palminteri, two important figures from Bagheria's culture are depicted: The poet Ignazio Buttitta and the painter Renato Guttuso. Ignazio Buttitta looks at the canvas sunny and Mediterranean, where Renato Guttuso creates an image inspired by Buttitta's words and the colors of his homeland.

This work, although designed by different artists, forms an intertwined whole that links the past and the future of Bagheria. It is a kind of dialogue based on mutual inspiration and color relationships.

The title "The Poet in the Square" refers to Buttitta's collection of poems from 1974 and makes it clear that with this mural the poet is once again enthroned in the square of his city, this time in the company of the painter Renato Guttuso. Buttitta emphasizes the close connection between painting and poetry, saying, "The painter is always a poet. If he is not a poet, he is not a painter."

Street Art Bagheria

Altavilla Milicia

The name of this street art "A Mìlicia" refers to the town of Altavilla Milicia in Sicily, which is located on a hill about 73 meters above sea level and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Upon entering the city, visitors are greeted by the faces of Battiato and Camilleri, in a work of art called "Free Men".

The artists Roberto Collodoro and Rosalba Cannavò emphasize that their work is not intended as a tribute to Battiato and Camilleri, but rather tells of Sicily and its beauty. It is not meant to be a monument, but a representation of Sicily as one of the most beautiful and strongest regions in the world, characterized by precious elements and intense light.

The depiction shows Sicily in its freedom from physical and moral restrictions or corruption, as a place where writing and singing is free. This inspired the artists to bring the two great poets close to this beauty as patron saints, since one described Sicily in words and the other sang about it. The painting thus represents the beauty and freedom of Sicily, a land of free people.

"Art does not transform. It simply shapes."

Roy Lichtenstein


Termini Imerese Street Art:

Here we have directly below the former Grand Hotel delle Terme, on the facade of the Casa degli Artisti (House of the Artists), directly side by side discovered these two works of art. Originally there were two more stencils on the upper balconies. However, unfortunately, these have already been destroyed. We don't know yet who made these works. But we will certainly clarify this.


Street Art Province Palermo
Street Art Province Palermo

This work of art, which consists of three parts, is also located in Termini Imerese. More precisely, near the Piazza del Carmelo. An insider told us that there are several more murals here.

Then we'll probably have to set off again. Which isn't a bad thing, we wanted to explore Termini a little more closely anyway. That's why we're happy to receive tips. Not only, but also about street art.


The former fishing village is known for its 270 meters high limestone rock, the Norman church and its postcard idyll. So everything is very tranquil. At least except for August, when the tourists are welcome but can become a nuisance. 

But even here you can find street art. 

"Controcorrente" - Andrea Buglisi

No, the title of this mural by Andrea Buglisi does not translate as current account, but as counter-current. What do you think of this underwater landscape? - Fantastic, isn't it?

Street Art Cefalu

The sea was and is the elixir of life for Cefalu. In the past it was the shoals of fish, today it is the shoals of tourists who visit the old town, especially in August.

Street Province Palermo, Art Cefalu

The swarm of sardines depicted fits perfectly into the landscape. The whole thing is combined with human figures. Whether residents or tourists, we don't know.

There are also corals and sea plants in various shapes and colors and even an airship. Pure joie de vivre and serenity, tranquillo. Even the pastel shades look harmonious.

Only a single sardine moves against the current. Reassuring, because otherwise the picture would have been too perfect, too well-behaved for us. But this is always in the eye of the beholder.

Cefalu Street Art, "Controcorrente", mural painting by Andrea Buglisi

"Creativity takes courage."

Henri Matisse


Casteldaccia Street Art:

 "Vento nuovo" - Andrea Buglisi


This is what the artist himself writes about his work "New Wind" on Facebook:

"New Wind.
A disused shed in Casteldaccia is the opportunity for me to return to the year 1992, exactly one year after the completion of the "Gate of the Giants", the year X that has imprinted itself in the consciousness of us all....


Street Art Province Palermo

...For our dear Angelo Badalamenti, entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector and promoter of the project, on the other hand, it is the excuse to celebrate thirty years of business activity under the sign of legality.

This time I wanted to focus on the moment when, in the young people of my generation, wearing flannel shirts and "grunge"-style sneakers, there was a realization that something had to change.

It was necessary to reset everything, to take the feet off the ground, to transform the pain into driving energy and to distance oneself from the mafia logic.

It was time to be carried, driven by the "new wind", towards other goals of thinking.

Dedicated to all mafia victims.
I want to thank Angelo, his elegant Caterina and the friendly people of Medielettra - Energia Alternativa, Giuseppe Ferrante, Gabriele Gancitano and Sara Rizzo, who let me 'fly'.

Photocatalytic antismog paints that can absorb 65 % of CO2 were used for this mural."

I must confess, we didn't see that much in this picture. We just thought it was cool to take off!

Villabate Street Art:

Falcone e Borsellino - Igor Scalisi Palminteri

The mafia hunters are also omnipresent in the provinces. 


This is what the artist himself writes about his work:  "A painting that makes me proud, because it is an honor to be able to represent two of my fellow citizens, whom I define neither as heroes nor as saints, but as people who, I hope, like those of us who are down here, smile and laugh in a fatherly way.

"Credo che ognuno di noi debba essere giudicato per ciò che ha fatto."
"I believe that each of us should be judged for what we have done."

Giovanni Falcone


Street Art Province Palermo

"A fine mese, quando ricevo lo stipendio, faccio l'esame di coscienza e mi chiedo se me lo sono guadagnato."

"At the end of the month, when I get my paycheck, I examine my conscience and ask myself if I deserved it."
Paolo Borsellino




Since ss all forms of street art are ephemeral, we continue to consider our contributions in this regard as a personal inventory. Without any claim to completeness. We are and remain open to new ideas.

Therefore, it will be so that this post will never be completely finished. So supplements will follow, I promise!

If you see something you can't find here, feel free to let me know. - Thank you!


"Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint."



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