Palermo Street Art: Ballaro & Kalsa


In part 1 and part 2 of our Series Murale we report about the old town of Palermo, the so-called Centro Storico. If you don't know it yet, we recommend to visit it with 1 part  to start. You can find the link here or at the end of this post.

In Italy, the wall painting is mostly called Mural or Murale. Contrary to the Spanish one saves in the Italian area the s of Murales. This dominates a little in the above-mentioned parts of the old town. 

But street art can be defined much more broadly. After all, it includes all urban art. So also graffiti and stencil. There are by means of Stencil sprayed motifs, as well as cut out / paste up (printed motifs, on paper. Then cut out and fixed by means of glue).

Therefore, we now turn to the two remaining parts of the old town. 

Street Art: Il Capo

While in the two old town districts Albergheria and Kalsa mainly large murals can be found, the Capo district scores not only with the market of the same name, but with a lot of "classic" street art. Especially around the Mercato del Capo are many small and medium-sized graffiti and cut outs. 

The exciting thing is that many of these works are not always visible. A not insignificant part can be found on the roller shutter doors of small stores. As soon as the store is open and thus the roller blind is up, the artwork remains invisible.

Ricky Lee Gordon - Il leone del Teatro Massimo

This piece of street art is not on a roller shutter, but on a wall made of tuff, which is common in Palermo. It was created by the South African artist Ricky Lee Gordon and was inspired by the bronze group that Benedetto Civiletti designed for the Massimo Theater.

Ricky Lee Gordon, who lives in Los Angeles, is no stranger to the street art scene. In fact, he was named one of the "eleven best street artists in the world" by National Geographic. In addition to street art works, we were also impressed by his canvas art, particularly his works from the Canvas series. These paintings, painted on canvas, only show waves, but they convey an intense feeling of sea, wind and salty air that can literally be felt, tasted and smelled.

Tutto e Niente - Marco Mirabile alias Temet Nosce

As you stroll through the Ballarò and Capo districts, you will notice the murals and signatures of one artist in particular. Tutto e Niente - all or nothing. Which is not surprising, as Marco Mirabile was born here and is a local patriot, so to speak. He describes the old town as his home. The stencil artist describes street art as his form of communication.


This orange cow with the two dogs is by MBRE FATS. We only know that the artist has already created a few works in relation to "Triumph of Death" from the Pallazo Abatellis. - But we know just as little about the work diagonally opposite. Who can and may help us?

Palermo Street Art, Centro Storico
Palermo Street Art, Centro Storico

Street Art: Castellammare | La Loggia

The fourth old town district of Palermo certainly seems a bit underrepresented here. Maybe we just haven't discovered the right masterpieces yet. Sure, there is one or the other at and around the market Vucciria. But we did not find most of them really exciting. 


All the more surprised, excited and grateful we were when we came across this artist. And this has a good reason. ADULTREMIX has lived and worked in Cologne for many years. Those who know us know that we have also lived in Cologne for many years and the cathedral city on the Rhine will always be in our hearts. But ADULTREMIX awakens more than feelings of home.

Because good mood or harmony his pictures really do not radiate. On the contrary, he creates in his works a bizarre, artistic world, which is characterized by pop cultural symbols, current images and signs. His works are a kind of remix, the different elements of our time. To say that they cause fright or even anxiety is going too far.

But they force you to think. Adultremix's artworks, however, are one thing for sure, a reflection of our society. Both in visual terms and in terms of their content. And there one is allowed to take a critical look. 

This does not mean, by the way, that he dispenses with any positive elements. But the Prima Ballerina is taken away by the police, Bambi is attacked by a policeman, Smilys are taken away by military helicopters and hearts are shot with a slingshot. Over the whole hangs a little breath of the revolution. 

Adultremix uses a unique technique that combines stencil technology and laserwriter toner. By manipulating his printer, he develops a very personal style. In this way, topical signs and images merge into a completely new, composite dimension. The viewer is virtually forced to think about society. Which, after all, can't hurt. We especially like the fact that he consciously takes the risk that his works will dissolve again or be destroyed. Everything is ephemeral, not just these works of art.

Palermo Street Art


Therefore, representative of the Lodge this cool mural, which at the same time reflects the transience of this art. Who knows the artist and how the Fuck is GHSL?

What have we missed? We are therefore happy to receive tips about this old town district.

Street art: Palermo's suburb

At first glance, Palermo's street art seems to be concentrated in the Centro Storico, i.e. the four old town districts. Advantage: Here you can visit everything comfortably on foot.

But of course there is more to discover. Because the metropolitan city of Palermo is large. The suburbs of Palermo are correspondingly extensive. The province of Palermo is even larger. But we will report on this in Part 4 and Part 5 of this series.


Palermo likes it colorful. Besides graffiti writings, small and large tags, you can find especially Mural, permanent large-scale murals, Stencil / Pochoir, motifs sprayed by means of stencils. From time to time you can also see so-called Cut Out / Paste Up. These are printed or drawn motifs, on paper. These are cut out and attached with glue.

All forms of street art have one thing in common. They polarize. Some people ask themselves, "Is this art or can it go?"

Murals are ephemeral. - After just a few days, many a work of art is painted over, sprayed over or otherwise removed. Sun, wind and weather also contribute to the transience.

But isn't this what makes the works so appealing?

Either way, this article can only be a personal inventory. Above all, it makes no claim to completeness. But we look forward to more.

Please help us by drawing our attention to new or faded works. This way we will at least preserve one or the other work. Thank you!

Added value - Links

Ciao, traveler and connoisseur! If you are looking for the perfect home away from home in Palermo, we have just the thing for you: Palazzo Vetrano, an exceptional apartment in the heart of the old town. Here you can expect historical charm, modern comfort and an unbeatable location in the Centro Storico.

And that's just the beginning! Dive deeper into the vibrant world of Palermo and discover that the Centro Storico is more than just an ordinary old town. Join us further to Mercato di Ballaro, where you will not only find street food, but also taste a piece of Palermo's soul. But beware: Palermo street food can be addictive!

When you've had enough of feasting, let yourself be enchanted by Palermo's street art. Here, walls become canvases and graffiti becomes works of art. And if you want to feel the adrenaline in your veins, experience the Targa Florio - a street race that makes Sicily shake! Would you rather discover a small fishing town? - How about Cefalù? - So, discover the diversity of Palermo and Sicily.

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