planBwagen, T6.1 in front of office of delta4x4 the specialist for offroad vehicle tuning
Torgit in front of poster of delta4x4 Dakar Suzuki LJ 80 by Josef Loder
View into the tire warehouse of delt4x4

"If life gets boring, risk it!"  Thierry Sabine



From Neidenstein we set off in the direction of Munich. 

Tomorrow we want to take advantage of the opportunity and make a pit stop in Unterumbach near Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn. This is where delta4x4, the specialist for off-road vehicle tuning ✓ SUV tuning ✓ pick-up tuning ✓ resides, just under 50 kilometers north-west of Munich. But recently delta4x4 also draws attention as a specialist for offroad conversions in the field of offroad buses. Not only the Klassik B rims, which are installed on BUTCH, our SpaceCamper, come from this legendary rim forge, but also the bull catcher, called the new German "Personenschutzbügel". So you would have to expand the list by ✓ BUTCH Tuning.

But first spend the night on a beautiful Forest parking lot, below the ruin Kaltenburg. Here we are directly at the foot of the Swabian Alb. But today we are just looking for a quiet place and find this directly on the little river Lone. Some deer keep us company and graze undisturbed within sight of the bulli. It is good to come to rest. We review our pictures from the offroad training and cut the attached movie.

About the Conversion details we already reported. As we show on our last Instagram video, our delta4x4 personal protection bar not only serves to protect people, but also to protect our bumper. Nevertheless, a bracket of the bracket has warped a little. Spontaneously we can look at delta4x4.

Josef Loder

Among real offroad fans delta4x4 and its founder Josef Loder is a legend. At the beginning of the eighties, almost 5 years after Bill Gates founded Microsoft in a garage, Josef Loder started the delta Geländesport und Zubehör Handels GmbH. How could it be otherwise, also in a garage. Thus delta4x4 is not only the first company on the German market, which dedicated itself to the topic offroad, one could even say, he made offroad known in Germany in the first place.


The company quickly made a name for itself. Already in 1982, one started, with a rebuilt Suzuki LJ80 at the 4th Rally Paris-Dakar. After 13,000 kilometers, with pimped 80PS to reach the finish line, is then a success for the young team. The Dakar, at that time still Paris-Dakar was and is not just any drive. It was and is considered one of the toughest rallies in the world, if not the toughest.

Certainly not least because of the high number of fatalities during this desert rally. Not only did more than thirty participants die, but also a number of journalists, spectators and children. But the myth of the Dakar persists to the present day. After the rally had been crisscrossing Africa for almost thirty years, it was moved to South America in 2009. In 2020, it was held in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

But it was the early days, when it was still the Paris-Dakar, that impressed me the most. Back then, when there was no YouTube and no Red Bull, names like Jacques Bernard, known as "Jacky" Ickx, were among my heroes alongside Jacques Cousteau. He was not only at home on various race tracks, but also won the Dakar in 1983. - But it is not only the big names, such as that of the founder Thierry Sabine, which made the Dakar, but especially those of the many participants who contested the rally without factory support and fat budgets. Just like Josef Loder, to whom I therefore pay respect. You first have to have the guts.

Terranger Offroad Training - Balance between Forsch and Gentle | VW T6.1 in action
Torgit with delta4x4 VW Bus brochure, in front of brochure stand

No backtalk

When we arrive at delta4x4, a somewhat graying gentleman steps out of the building to meet us. But his whole attitude, his more than clear appearance contradicts so completely what one imagines under a graying gentleman. There is no big talk here. It quickly becomes clear that this man is used to being followed, that the beat is set here. That's what we do. He drives with us to the company's workshop. It is only at this point that I realize who I am dealing with: Josef Loder himself. The cycle is right, the damage is assessed and an appointment is made for the next morning for the repair. Mr. Loder has created his own empire here. With a workshop, car dealership and service station. He reminds me a little of Wilhelm Becker, the founder of Auto Becker in Düsseldorf, authorized dealer for Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin and various other automobile brands. I had the good fortune to meet him once in person. - But back to Josef Loder. Surely it is exactly this combination of pragmatism and assertiveness that motivates a young company founder to take on the challenge of the Paris Dakar.

Suzuki LJ 80 of Josef Loder, founder of delta4x4, in front of the company building.
Suzuki LJ 80 from Josef Loder, the founder of delta4x4. In front the planBwagen, VW T6.1
Suzuki LJ 80 of Josef Loder, the founder of delta4x4. Behind it the planBwagen, VW T6.1

Cornelia and Maximilian Loder

In the meantime, Cornelia and Maximilian Loder have taken over the management of delta4x4 and have united a young team behind them. Thus, certainly the best conditions for this traditional brand to continue in the future in the now grown offroad market. - We get a little tour and learn that delta4x4 not only follows our Instagram account. "One of the coolest off-road bullis on German roads" - Of course, we love to hear such praise from this company. - But we found much cooler that it comes to a few shots with an oldi. The original rally vehicle, with which Josef Loder 28 years before the Dakar contested. For us an honor. Especially cool I found that it was not, a polished up renewal, but still the yellowed, original stickers are present. The engine is still pretty growly.

Suzuki LJ 80 of Josef Loder, the founder of delta4x4. Behind it the planBwagen, VW T6.1
Behind the wheel of the Suzuki LJ 80 of Josef Loder, founder of delta4x4. Behind the planBwagen, VW T6.1
Tires of the Suzuki LJ 80 by Josef Loder, the founder of delta4x4.
Original Dakar wrap of the Suzuki LJ 80 by Josef Loder, founder of delta4x4. Behind it the planBwagen, VW T6.1
Marc at the wheel of the Suzuki LJ 80 of Josef Loder, the founder of delta4x4.

The evening we spend again on a Forest parking lotbut this time near delta4x4. Everything seems so quiet and tranquil all around. But delta still makes on us the impression as back then, "wolf in sheep's clothing". The contact with the LJ 80 made me aware again how fast time flies. The first car on which I got driving experience was the Suzuki SJ 413, the facelift of the direct successor of the LJ 80. At that time a damn cool, but above all edgy car. O.k. the LJ is cooler.

After this pit stop, we head for Munich. Here, first of all, Familia is the order of the day. - You have read correctly. Familia with a, like Itaka. - In this case not a slur, but a pet name. My aunt Rosemarie, married a Sicilian many years ago, when this expression was still in use. Thanks to them, I have four cousins, two cousins and other relatives by marriage in Munich. But this is another story. Here are a few impressions of delta4x4 and the Dakar. "I'll be back - no question."

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delta4x4 - Dakar Suzuki LJ 80 by Josef Loder
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