splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash...

The rain drums down on us all day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But steadily - we made ourselves comfortable on the bus. Time to do little things. To look things up online. - As soon as we switch from Hector to Spector and therefore to SpaceCamper in the summer, we'll need a camping table. - The table in the sliding door is one of the few things that we consider to be absolutely perfect in the California. So I'm looking for a large table with a small pack size, light but sturdy... The perfect solution. Light would be boring. While playing around, I come across the headline 'Day of compliments', but more on that below.

We enjoy this day of rest. - It looks like two more will follow. This was the situation we were most afraid of beforehand. What if it rains for days on end. Or even worse, a storm. Won't we get into each other's hair?

But so far, everything is very relaxed. Will it stay that way? - We will report back.

Our kitchen tap seems to have finally given up the ghost. - Who designed something like this? That's something for precision mechanics. Apparently it's the Reich company. But it makes us poor. In the afternoon we drive to a camping specialist. He has the fitting, which is probably also used by various other manufacturers, in stock. But supply and demand, here the fitting costs €85 instead of €25 as in Germany. Installation is also somewhat more complex. We are curious to see if it lasts.

On the way back to the campsite (we don't want to stand free in this weather) we stop at the Lidl supermarket. - It looks like it's been bombed out. - Apparently, hoarding purchases and bottlenecks in the supply chain have come together here. But as long as I'm on tour with Torgit, I'm not afraid of one thing. There will always be enough to eat. - Oh yes, with me too. 

that you can are the greatest for me"

 When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? - When did you receive one?


Ever since the two Americans Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffmann initiated the Day of Compliments in 1998, January 24, i.e. tomorrow, has been known as the Day of Compliments. - So is this the perfect day to scatter compliments? 
Has it really come to the point where it takes a special day to pay a compliment? - Apparently yes, otherwise it wouldn't exist. - Isn't that a great, great pity?


"If you will

Are you the destination of a long journey that

Perfection at its best..." 

When did we forget how to give compliments? And I'm not talking about cheap pick-up lines, but about putting a positive impression into words. Without ulterior motives, without expectations. Something has gone wrong, hasn't it?

If you google the word, the following explanation appears:

"praising, flattering statement that someone addresses to a person in order to say something pleasant, pleasing to them [and to please them]" - How? And to please her? - That's bullshit. - What does one have to do with the other? From my point of view, a compliment is only honest if it's not about "making sure you feel the same way about me". I've always loved the song "Ein Kompliment - Der Sportfreunde Stiller". But I would vehemently disagree with this little line. Even in a relationship, you don't have to reassure yourself. You know that, or you don't.

A compliment is not bound by time, it should simply be nice and come from the heart. It is often said to be a witty compliment. Why? It shouldn't be flat, but witty? For me, a sincere compliment is more important than a flourish. But when did we forget how to give compliments? No rose today? No picture? 

I can only speak for myself. People used to tell me I would give nice compliments. But at some point that went away. I think that was exactly the moment when I started to think about advantage - benefit, the moment when I wanted to please. - I only realized this a few years ago when I was walking along the Rhine with Torgit. An old couple were walking in front of us. They looked so radiant together, so in love, just as you would wish for later. I spontaneously went up to them and told them exactly that. Flattering? Humorous? Witty? - Three times no. - Nevertheless, they both beamed and said, in one voice, "That was the nicest compliment..." - Since that moment, I can give compliments again. My reward - a smile. When do I give a compliment? Whenever it pops into my head. But I will deliberately make an exception. - Just as there are no flowers or gifts on Valentine's Day, except for me, because this is my birthday, there will be no compliments tomorrow. 


"...In quiet moments quietly

The foam crown

The wave of enthusiasm..."

- Sportfreunde Stiller -

Insight of the day: Compliments should be anything but dated.

Of course you don't always get to read our blog the way you want to. - Or you just like to read on. - Unfortunately, JIMDO doesn't have a scroll function. Or at least we haven't found it yet. So I'm now trying to create the function myself. However, this is only a test run for now. If it works, we will link the old blog entries from time to time. This may take a while. I'm sure you'll understand.

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