No, it's not the dentist's wife, but Torgit, who sneaked out of the van today in my surf poncho. - It rained heavily tonight and into this morning. The wind has picked up overnight. That makes showering a lot easier. Suddenly the rain stops, just as if it had been knocked out. - Not only did we shower faster, but we were also dried off afterwards. - The sun soon comes out and everything is warm after the cold shower. - Especially the coffee.

We are taking it very easy today. The girls and boys who arrived late last night at "our" quiet and lonely campsite turned out to be very friendly. They immediately built a van castle, something like the wagon castles from Winnetou, only with vans. Of course, I gladly accepted the beer on offer, so we quickly struck up a conversation. The group was a colorful mix. Two surfer girls on vacation, a full-bodied lead wolf, an aging, likeable rooftop tent nomad, an apnoea diver and Patrick. - Although the latter also had the quietest part of the group, he was also the most exciting, at least as far as we got to know them. Patrik has called an old and pretty cool Mercedes 407D his home for some time now. - Despite his young age, Patrick has already experienced moments of fate that have changed the direction of his life. - Although a graduate of the Cologne Sports University, his focus is not just on sport. He has already defined for himself that body, mind and joie de vivre should function in harmony. - Where does that sound familiar? - Do you know people who simply radiate an incredible amount of positive energy and warmth? Patrick is one of those people - it quickly became clear that this was someone who was looking after himself. This becomes clear when he talks about nutrition. - When the sentence "everyone perceives the world in their own individual way" was added, it was clear that Patrick is also involved with NLP. - That's why I wasn't surprised when his book recommendations came to light. If you read the titles, Neurolinguistic Programming - the best techniques and exercises for optimal communication, you won't be surprised that Patrick came across as eloquent. - But I found the second title more exciting: "Think your way to happiness: change your thinking - change your life" - there is certainly a lot to it. - In any case, it was an inspiring talk. Another reason for me to think about the perfect travel library over the next few days.

Accordingly, I was also motivated to do something for my body. - Torgit did yoga, I did a few exercises. But with a place like this in the sun, with a view of the sea, you can only be in a good mood and motivated. We top it all off with our breakfast:

Grapefruit, orange, mandarin, pear, persimmon, papaya, lime juice, oat flakes, muesli, various nuts, linseed, chia seeds and yogurt. - Could it be any healthier? (Note from Torgit: More importantly, can it be any tastier? )

Then we sit down in the sun in front of the bus. Taking turns reading and transferring our blog to Facebook. Our domain was also finally taken over by Jimdo. So the blog should be indexed by google in the future. Because so far it can only be found by good friends. - So now the start has been made. Further maintenance should be a little easier. Who knows, maybe we'll become real bloggers after all 😉

While I'm adding a few links on Facebook, I'm reminded of an event from two years ago: we were sailing in Greece at the time with two good friends, Gaby and Thomas. - A special week, with very good memories, new challenges, but above all moments of friendship. Thank you Facebook for this memory. 

Otherwise, the day is relaxed. We go to the cliff for sunset. - It's beautiful out here. Just like yesterday, at this time of day, we are all alone. - Pure romance, which brings Torgit straight to our realization of the day:

"watch more sunsets than netflix" - Stolen, but true!

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